• Harassment

Harassment will not be tolerated. If you go too far, you will be jailed or banned.

  • Replacing items/skills/stats

Staffmembers are generally not allowed to replace anything which you have lost due a bug and/or timewarp.

  • 3d party tools

Tools like UOLoop, UOAssist, UOPilot, EasyUO and Injection are generally allowed.

Scripts like Autoloot, Self-Ressurect, Clientcrash and others are still forbidden and persons caught using these will be instantly banned.

  • House Looting

House looting is absolutely forbidden and will be punished with a ban or serious jail time.

  • Pages

If you need support through a Staff Member, write a short page, describing your Problem.

  • Bugs

Bugusing is absolutely forbidden. If we discover that you have abused a bug, we may delete any items and/or skills which you have gained through this bug and jail you.

If you are reporting a bug to an Admin, you don’t need to fear punishment, you will most likely get a reward for reporting this bug.

  • Multi Accounts

You are not allowed to have more than one account. If we discover that you have more than one account, we may delete all your Accounts without any excuse.

  • Staffmembers

Staffmembers are there to help you. They sacrifice their spare time and don’t get payed for there work. In any unclear situation you have to follow the orders from a staffmember. They have the last word in any Affair.

  • Blocking

Blocking players or NPC’s with Items is strictly forbidden.

Blocking players or NPC’s with tameable creatures is also forbidden.

Blocking with your player character or a summon is legal.

  • AFK Resource Gathering

Macroing skills while afk is allowed. Being afk while killing npcs, sacrificing corpses and gathering resources is not allowed! There is an anti afk resource gathering script in place, however staff have every right to disconnect or eventually ban you if they see you afk gathering.